Saturday, December 15, 2007

LIMA 2007

junior pilot

like a pilot( like father like son)

the first experience for my child

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My dream bike

Kepak Emas 2007

Kepak Emas latest edition 2008

Standard fitment on this model continues to include a 6 stacker CD player, 4 speaker surround sound, AM/FM radio, cruise control, motorized adjustable headlight, headset for both rider and passenger, heated grips, adjustable windscreen, electric reverse, and pannier inner bags.

The exhaustively tested 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine is 1kg lighter than the previous design. Low, forward engine placement and solid engine mounting produce excellent road handling characteristics and impressive low-speed.

Parallel two-valve cylinder head design utilizes direct, shim-under-bucket valve actuation and requires no 1000km service; the first valve clearance inspection is at 50,000km. Silent-type camshaft chains with automatic adjusters provide reliable, maintenance-free operation. 6.9-litre air-box supplies a large volume of cool clean air to the engine. Two 40mm-diameter throttle bodies deliver air to six, specially designed Keihin(r) 50-psi high-pressure fuel injectors. Fuel is delivered through four nozzle tips in each injector, producing an atomized fuel mixture that is highly combustible, for optimum efficiency and power.

Electronic CPU provides two digital 3-D fuel injection maps for each cylinder and one digital 3-D ignition map for each cylinder, creating ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings for superb ride ability.

Bowling at Jitra Mall

Dapt jugak hadiah...#2.Dah lama rest tak main bowling.Last time three years ago...Thank a lot to my wife cause coming n supported me...

Danish and Tasnin...pemain bowling junior

Danish and his friend(Aisyah)

Danish posing...

Tasnim baru nak belajar baling bola boling...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ride to Kuala Nerang

Perasmian Karnival Kokurikulum Kolej Matrikulasi

Perarakan masuk konvoi bermotosikal

ITTAR Langkawi

Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah johan KAKOM

majlis kahwin Pak Jamil

Kenduri pak Jamil di Kuala

Bersama-sama rakan Kedah Star Bikers meraikan pengantin.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

Malaysia International Bike Week

8 - 9 September, 2007

The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Langkawi Pirate Bikers Club, Kedah Bikers Clubs and The Hatyai Bikers Club, will jointly organize the “RIDE FOR PEACE” convoy for Bikers from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to show support and desire for Regional Peace, Cooperation & Goodwill to be held in conjunction with the “MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL BIKE WEEK” (8 – 9th September, 2007).

The Malaysia International Bike Week 2007 is also to be held in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and the 50 Years Anniversary of Malaysia-Thailand Diplomatic Relationship.

Riders From Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia will congregate at Bukit Kayu Hitam (Thai-Malaysian Border Post) at 9 am on the 8th September, 2007 and commence the festival with a “RIDE FOR PEACE” convoy from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Merbok, Kedah.

The Malaysia International Bike Week 2007, is jointly organized by the Tourism Malaysia and Langkawi Pirate Bikers’ Club.

Bazar MPKB

Macam-macam ade..
This bazar located near NewCastle bus station. This is idaman suri. Kelabu mata kalau first time datang cni.Harga disini tak mahal dan kalau pandai nego lagi murah.